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Hello ye seekers of knowledge! Seek elsewhere! For those who do not take the warning, I present a (soon to be) collection of links for reference regarding Pseudo-Philo:

Online text

An additional online link to the text.

The standard English translation w/ notes in Charlesworth (with Search Inside feature)

The Wikipedia article which was helpful.

To cap it off, my presentation is here: Seth’s Pseudo-Philo powerpoint


The Isaiah/2Cor/Revelation powerpoint presentation here: exegetical-presentation.ppt

…and for fun, a permanent link to the comic, created for Gospels last Spring 🙂

Published on September 7, 2007 at 9:19 pm  Comments (5)  

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  1. How about adding a link to that great comic of yours Here.

  2. Seth, You’re comic is just toooo much!!!

  3. Seth, In Christian Initiation and Confirmation we were discussing creative arts in education and the use of comic strips. Do you mind if I try to send this link to Dr. Strobert and the class?

  4. Katie, you might also want to try this too.

  5. Karen, yes, go for it! I certainly don’t mind sharing something I had so much fun doing 🙂

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