A listing of texts for Mark’s Use of the OT

HERE is a posting by Rod Decker collating a number of resources we have used to show the use of the OT in Mark. Download and save, if you can use it.

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Early Jewish and Christian Art as Interpretive Resources

The most recent issue of Interpretation focuses on “Art and Exegesis.” It serves as a reminder that depictions of biblical events often reflect a history of interpretation. The article on “Art and the Liturgy” points to a scene from Sant Apollinare at Ravenna where the sacrifice of Abel, of Abraham/Isaac, and of Melchizedek are brought together as types of the sacrifice of Jesus. (It is not the same scene but a similar theme, again at Ravenna, is described here.) Most Christian art is relatively late–the Ravenna scenes are from the 6th century–but it may provide some resources for your work. Look here for links to biblical art sites. The first two listed on that page are probably the most helpful.

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Interesting post regarding Messiah in a Qumran text

4Q521 and Lk. 7.22-23 – Evidence for A Messianic Jesus?

UPDATE (10.24): That first post has now been updated HERE.

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Why we blog…

This short video should help give you a sense of Web 2.0 and why we blog.

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Jerusalem Perspective site and articles

Jerusalem Perspective Online describes itself as a site interested in “Exploring the Jewish Background to the Life and Words of Jesus.” Sign up for their free Jerusalem Perspective Email Updates. The latest article is “Rabbinic Literature: A Spiritual Treasure.” It especially focuses on a part of the Mishnah called the Pirke Avot or “Sayings of the Fathers.” There are some interesting connections with the sayings of Jesus… (BTW, this document is available as a free download for BibleWorks7. Look for Pirke Aboth here.)

Also note that the site has some free articles.  One I just noticed is about the “Finger of God,” a topic we discussed in class. Check it out.

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Download this article…

Related to Dave’s post just below this one, check out the latest Journal of Theological Interpretation. (Check out the contents over at Euanggelion.) There is a link to download the article, “Texts in Context: Scripture in the Divine Economy” by Murray Rae that discusses Justin’s Trypho and quite a few other topics related to our class.

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Review of recent book on Didache

The Way of the Didache is reviewed here. Looks interesting, and it has a chapter on Scripture in the Didache.

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Is this blogging stuff really going to last?

The Death of Blogs. What do you think?

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Now that you’re blogging, you need RSS

Okay, here’s a short video to explain what RSS is and why you want it.

As mentioned in the video, I like Google Reader. If you don’t already have one, sign up for your free account and get going with RSS.

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Welcome Pastor Dave Kaplan

I’ve invited Pastor Dave Kaplan to join in our course blog. He has a Ph.D from Union and special interest in our topic. Check out his first post on his page!

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