Interesting post regarding Messiah in a Qumran text

4Q521 and Lk. 7.22-23 – Evidence for A Messianic Jesus?

UPDATE (10.24): That first post has now been updated HERE.

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  1. Sounds like it could be plausible to me. Even though the commenters on that entry make a good point that there is little evidence for a direct quote, but it seems enough to me to establish that there is a common tradition there, whether the author of Luke had the Qumran text in mind or whether they both had a third tradition in mind. I don’t think it’s decisive, but I’d say there’s a reasonable doubt.

  2. Thanks, Seth. As you note, it is very hard to assert dependence of one text on another unless there is a direct quote/citation. In cases like this Qumran one, the ‘third text’ possibility always exists.

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