Is this blogging stuff really going to last?

The Death of Blogs. What do you think?

Published in: on September 26, 2007 at 1:03 am  Comments (2)  

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  1. I really don’t think that the blogosphere is ever going to go away. I do kind of hope that people quit trying to get legitimate news from blogs, since it’s kind of like reading the editorials page of the newspaper to find current events. I also think that anybody who posts every few hours or minutes like the one guy described in there is a little overzealous, and no wonder people like that would burn out.

    I have a personal blog, which I use to keep in touch with people, mostly. I also post theological and philosophical reflections on there from time to time, and I can see how I could easily publish a blog with copies of sermon manuscripts or even run a Bible study on a blog; it’s a very versatile medium, especially with RSS readers. But, even on my blog, I only post an average of every 1.5 weeks. I could never to the every day thing… (I don’t think…)

  2. I tend to agree with Seth. I think that there are just too many good blogs going on to go away soon. My son set one up for our family at and we all use it to just stay in touch over many distances by posting blogs, pictures, family events, etc. I, too, see it as having great potential for a Bible study…more accessible for open dialog than e-mail or web-site. Of course, as the article pointed out there is always the potential for obssessive blogging and burn-out just as there is with anything else having to go with computers. Also, I am not certain that we are in any danger of blogging becoming “one big Midrash.” revdot

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