Review of recent book on Didache

The Way of the Didache is reviewed here. Looks interesting, and it has a chapter on Scripture in the Didache.

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Is this blogging stuff really going to last?

The Death of Blogs. What do you think?

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Now that you’re blogging, you need RSS

Okay, here’s a short video to explain what RSS is and why you want it.

As mentioned in the video, I like Google Reader. If you don’t already have one, sign up for your free account and get going with RSS.

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Glad to be on board!

Thanks very much for allowing me to participate in a course that’s really beeen part of my life through seminary study at Trinity (then ELTS); graduate work at Union, Richmond, where the biblical program is in both testaments; 40 years of parish ministry and several years of chairing the DE-MD Synod study group in an interfaith Christian-Jewish dialogue program sponsored by the Institute of Christian Jewish Studies in Baltimore (Dr. Rick Carlson has been a resource consultant for the Institute.)  Even more basic: the interest is in my genes with a father who is Jewish and a Lutheran mother.  What’s not in my genes is technological expertise, and I thank Dr. Hoffman for getting me “blogged in.”  I also thank him for his kind introductory remarks; but for the sake of academic integrity I need at the outset to correct one error: my degree from Union is a Th. M. (Master of Biblical Theology), not a Ph.D.

More recently, I was Sadie Pounder’s intern supervisor last year, a thoroughly delightful experience – at least for me!  I regret missing her chapel sermon on Monday; I hear she did beautifully.  Dave Kaplan

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Welcome Pastor Dave Kaplan

I’ve invited Pastor Dave Kaplan to join in our course blog. He has a Ph.D from Union and special interest in our topic. Check out his first post on his page!

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Book review on Biblical Interpretation

There is a new review posted on the Review of Biblical Literature site on a recent book, Biblical Interpretation in Judaism and Christianity. (NOTE: hover over the words “new review…” and you will see that it is actually a live link.)

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The Relationship of the OT to the NT according to John Chrysostom

Very interesting post by Ben Witherington on Chrysostom’s approach to OT in the NT. What do you think is important about what Chrysostom says and Witherington’s comments?

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Some posting suggestions

Once you members of the class are logged in, note that the site is open for you editing. A couple things to try:

  1. At the top of the screen you should see a banner, and one of your options is to create a “New Post.” Go ahead! Do remember that this will go on the front page of the blog and the latest entry becomes the top entry. Also remember to create a category with your initials (look on the right side when you are writing your post), so that we can keep track of everyone.
  2. Try clicking on the link on the right that leads you to your page. Now note that at the top of the screen is another option to “Edit Page.” Go ahead and put whatever you want on your page.
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Using BW7 and TSK

A quick little video showing you how to use the TSK in BW7.
BW7 and TSK video

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